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Thread: Can i set password for directories

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    Can i set password for directories

    I want to protect some folders on network by setting a password on it, is this possible with some software? How can i set password for my ACtive directory??
    Any suggestion?

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    re: Can i set password for directories

    You can set Apache Password Protection to your directories. By this you can keep your file safe from unauthorized users and search engines.To create apache password protected directories you need Password file and Directory name which you would like to password protect.Make sure Apache is configured to use .htaccess file.You have to have Allow Override AuthConfig directive in httpd.conf file in order for these directives to have any effect. Look for Document Root Directory entry, then set the password for your file.And it will be done.

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    How to set password for Active Directory

    Setting a password for directory help to keep your data safe.following are the basic steps to password protect a directory:
    1 Create the directory area and set permissions to read the area.
    2 Create a file called .htaccess in the directory you want to protect.
    Inthat In that file, type in these lines:

    AuthUserFile /your/directory/here/.htpasswd
    AuthGroupFile /dev/null
    AuthName "Secure Document"
    AuthType Basic

    require user username
    3 Create a file called .htpasswd in the same directory as .htaccess.
    4 Change the password or username.
    5 change the permissions on the files.

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    re: Can i set password for directories

    You have to NTFs partion on your disk.
    1. Click on the Password protect this directory text box.
    2. type the name for user and set password.
    3. Click on the Save button.
    4. You will see the following confirmation:
    * "The access permissions for PATH_TO_PASSWORD_PROTECTED_DIRECTORY have been set."
    5. Click on the Go Back link.
    6. When the page loads you will see your settings have been saved in the "Security Settings" section.

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