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Thread: Linksys SES reset

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    Linksys SES reset

    I have Linksys wireless router, I accidentally press reset SES button so can't login or even access the router setup page. Does any know how to deactivate the security setting so i can open the (router set up page).

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    Re: Linksys SES reset

    SES simply automates the process of setting up a WPA encrypted connection between the client computer and the router. If you can't login it then there is a reset button on the bottom and that should reset the password.. and you can find default password in your manaul.

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    Re: Linksys SES reset

    The SES-enabled WRT54GS looks almost identical to its predecessors. SES greatly simplifies the setup of a secure wireless network and the process of adding clients to it, but it doesn't cover all aspects of security.During the initial router configuration, the installation wizard prompts you to set an administrative password.

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    Re: Linksys SES reset

    If router stops working and you must reset it back to it's default settings, losing all the configuration information. Not a problem if you have a backup of the configuration that can be easily imported back into the router. Start the linksys software and click the icon marked SES. You wiil see the message connecting... after this you can access admin page.

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