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Thread: Access Connections Error 031

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    Access Connections Error 031

    I am trying to connect internet through my linksys router but it gives me an error 031: DHCP Server Not Responding. All the computer in my network are running on windows xp.

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    Re: Access Connections Error 031

    This looks more like a problem with network settings and not any hardware problem. Try to setup your LAN connection again and also check the network status > Type ipconfig to view the status of the computer's IP address.

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    Re: Access Connections Error 031

    The first thing to check is the security settings on the wireless router. Is MAC address filtering enabled? If it is enable then you need to add wireless mac address of your computer to the list.Computers on DHCP networks often re-establish network connectivity automatically.

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    Re: Access Connections Error 031

    The dhcp servers must have static ip's. Also, check if you have right LAN card driver.Check the DHCP configuration and verify that all subnets managed by the DHCP server are listed in the configuration.An IP address should be unique across your network. The DHCP server will not assign a single IP address to more than one client.

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