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Thread: fsvyoe.dll - is it a virus connected to recycler?

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    fsvyoe.dll - is it a virus connected to recycler?

    Does anyone aware of the fsvyoe.dll? It is saved on the C:Windows\system32 folder of our windows xp home sp2 os. To browse this file goto > run > type "cmd" > then on the command prompt type "cd\" then on directory "c:" > type "cd\windows\system32" > then type "dir /w /ah" you will notice that along with the default system files of our windows there is this fsvyoe.dll that exists.
    And when i found out that i have this kind of file on my computer, i cannot explicitly delete it nor isolate it and i observed that one of my svchost.exe is consuming 189MB and sometimes above with only 2 applications opened on my pc. Correct me if i am wrong, i think this file is injected to the windows service which unfortunately i still havent found what is the name of the service connected into it. And i also have a suspicion that this file is connected to the recycler virus that i cannot totally erase to my system. I have reformat my hard drive a lot of times but unfortunately i still have the same problem everytime. I do not know if the file system of my hard drive does also have the connection with this because before when i am using fat32 of my file system turning of system retore and deleting the system volume information hidden folder on my "c:" drive i havent this kind of problem. Can anyone help me. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thanks. good day to all.

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    Re: fsvyoe.dll - is it a virus connected to recycler?

    Well , it is Better to try a full format of System When you have Such Kind of the Irritating Error ,so First Backup your System data , and try a full format

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