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Thread: What is Home Personal Antivirus

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    What is Home Personal Antivirus

    Recently when I was on my emails I had seen a pop up window stating that a online antivirus has detected threats on my computer. When I clicked a online scanner appear and showed up some number of trojan virus. After click on removal it prompted me to install a software. But I had not gone further. I need some information on this that what it is actually. Is it beneficial for my system. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What is Home Personal Antivirus

    Home Antivirus is a deliberate but effective program that was developed in order to trick unsuspecting users. It is also known as Home and Personal Antivirus is a clone of XP Protector Deluxe, Win PC Defender WinDefender 2009 and Total Secure 2009th Home Staff Antivirus uses annoying pop up messages and false system checks to convince his victims. Furthermore, it reduces the performance of your computer and invades your data without you noticing it, or allowed. When Home Personal Antivirus reaches your system, the chances are high that your personal and confidential data is not secure from third parties. If other people have all of your personal data, you are safe from identity theft anymore. They are also confronted with the urge to buy a full version. Home Staff antivirus must be removed from your system once it is discovered. Do not waste no time and no money only with the purchase of any programs that are related even remotely with home staff Antivirus. If you want to invest time and money, then you rather buy a decent anti-spyware program that can detect and remove threats.

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    Re: What is Home Personal Antivirus

    It is a rouge antivirus. Do not install it. Other than cleaning it will add up more threat in your system. The symptoms of a affected computer is some unwanted software such as antivirus Home Staff can bombard you with pop-up ads while you surf the Web, even if you're not on the Web. If you see pop-up ads that are coming from questionable websites, it is likely that you are on your computer Home Personal Antivirus or other spyware-type. Spyware may install Search toolbars or Internet browser toolbars that appear floating on your screen or without your knowledge within the browser. If you notice certain icons or tools that you do not remember adding yourself, it may be that you have been infected with Home Personal Antivirus or other types of spyware.

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    Re: What is Home Personal Antivirus

    It is a fake service. Home Personal Antivirus may use your memory, internet connection and your bandwidth to run itself. Suddenly your computer will become slower. If you had installed then browse to this location and delete the files in it. They are C:\WINDOWS\ukajaresil._sy. Delete the last file. Then in the same way c:\WINDOWS\system32\eqyzax.pif and c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ador.db.

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