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Thread: Unauthorized modification done by virus

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    Unauthorized modification done by virus

    I am receiving pop up warning continuously on my desktop. The warning says some unauthorized modification for the Avast file located in Windows directory. From that day when I run a scan the antivirus won't work at all. What is this about. I had visited a website last night. After that virus showed up warning for threats. I scanned the system and deleted few. But after the event this new issue comes in. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unauthorized modification done by virus

    The notification states that the update file is changed or corrupted by the virus. It is can be also done by any other third party software. It is possible to repair the same by two ways. First try to update the antivirus. Once the file is updated to the current date then the warning will not come back. But if not then you have any how re-install the antivirus again. Sometime it offers you a repair option while installation. Try that also.

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    Re: Unauthorized modification done by virus

    It is due to spyware programs running in the background. Avast update file is modified by it. According to me it is not safe for your system. I will recommend you to switch to a better antivirus like F Prot. It offers you a much safer and advanced functions to fight with virus infections. F Prot offers you a password protection option by which you can restrict access to avast files. By this no one can modify any critical system file without the user's intervention.

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    Re: Unauthorized modification done by virus

    Remove Avast and install eTrust EZ AntiVirus. It is best option in your case. Again if you installed Avast then after sometime due to spyware your application will be corrupted. eTrust EZ AntiVirus has a password feature by which the settings and system files cannot be changed or modified. It is certified by ICSA. The antivirus detects and removes new threats, spyware, trojan, etc from your system. It is very effective tool.

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