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Thread: I am not able to update Avast Antivirus

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    I am not able to update Avast Antivirus

    I am not able to update my Avast Antivirus. First I had set the same on auto update. But it keeps on giving old antivirus message. After that I had tried to update the same manually but not success yet. What should I do here now to update my old antivirus database. I thing my system has corrupted the antivirus because of which the problem occurred. Thanks.

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    Re: I am not able to update Avast Antivirus

    The reason can be the firewall. Here your antivirus tries to access the internet whenever a update is needed. So might be your firewall is blocking the program. First disable the firewall system and then restart your system. Connect to internet and open avast. Click on the update button. If still it is not working then re-install the antivirus program.

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    Re: I am not able to update Avast Antivirus

    I will recommend you to remove the old version and update to the new version. Avast offers free antivirus program. So go to the site and download the same. Before that remove the old version from control panel > add remove program. Also delete all the old registry keys. The one thing you can try before installation. Download the setup file of Avast update from the official site and run the update. Hope this might solve your issue.

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    Re: I am not able to update Avast Antivirus

    This can be due to corrupted virus database. Open My computer and then go to Windows folder. By default C is the windows directory. Then go to the following path - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg8\update\download. In the older look for avginfoavi.ctf and avginfowin.ctf files. Delete them. If you are using Windows Vista then the path for those files is C:\ProgramData\avg8\update\download. Restart your system and run the update.

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