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Thread: How to setup a Linksys Router

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    How to setup a Linksys Router

    I had just purchased a Linksys router for my office network. I had done basic pc to pc network connection. I need some information in setting up a Linksys router. I does not have the manual of this. Please provide some really basic and simply setting by which I can setup the router at the my office and run up 4 pc on them. I have the Router, wired cable connection for all system and Windows XP as the operating system. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to setup a Linksys Router

    The setup guide is easy and simple to review and use. Here I am listing you some basic instruction which will help you to configure the router at your office network. First connect your router will all your components properly. Turned on the router on your server. Connect the router to the ethernet network. Here you have to install two connection. First a cabel to router and then a cabel from router to the computer. Next if you have the CD of the router it will run up a automated wizard which will guide for the process. Otherwise open your browser an type you router IP. That can be In the main page add up your username and password.
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    Re: How to setup a Linksys Router

    The latest version of router just act as a plug and play device. So here you just need to know the IP address for the router which can help you out the configure the router via control panel page. First you have to ensure that your ethernet cable connection is proper. There would be sufficient connection provided to the router and then from router to the systems. After login to the page of router you can make variety of changes here.
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    Re: How to setup a Linksys Router

    It is quiet simple to configure a Linksys Router on your network. First connect the router and then open your web browser. Type and hit ctrl + enter. You will prompted for admin and password. Just type in the admin column first and leave the password blank. After that connect to the internet and then click on Internet Setup. Select a type of connection and choose DHCP for cable modem or PPPoE for DSL. Otherwise click on check your IP. Then set the SSID to look for the router and change the password.
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