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Thread: Corrupted packet flow

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    Corrupted packet flow

    What do you mean by corrupted packet flow? I keep on getting kicked by punkbuster from servers with error message saying "Corrupted Packet Flow". What do I need to do to resolve this problem? The only changes I've made was installed new RAM.

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    Re: Corrupted packet flow

    What had you done recently: new firewall installed or disabled it before launching the game? This could be the problem of your firewall. Other software that monitors inbound and outbound traffic can also cause this kind of problem. Try to open the port 1716, 1717 and 1718 and see if that works.

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    Re: Corrupted packet flow

    In order to run PunkBuster enabled game as normal, simply keep the services running all the time after they are installed. This kind of problem occurs because PunkBuster's had updated few functionalities which helps it to upgrade its components in the background.

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    Re: Corrupted packet flow

    Before joining any server follow the below steps:
    • Download pbsvc
    • Launch pbsvc installer and run it
    • Reboot your computer.
    • Now reinstall punkbuster files with pbsvc
    • On completion, click the "test" option to check the punkbuster installed properly.
    • Download pbsetup
    • Run pbsetup, add BF2 to the games list, then hit update.

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