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Thread: What is ATI HotKey Poller Service

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    What is ATI HotKey Poller Service

    Can anybody tell me what is ATI HotKey Poller Service? I was just looking in Admin > Service area and saw that service was enabled. So I was just wondering what if I turn it off? Will that effect any of my devices installed? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: What is ATI HotKey Poller Service

    ATI Hotkey POLLER service is installed if you update to the latest ATI video card drivers. ATI Hotkey POLLER provides the ability to hot key your display settings for what ever reason you would need this feature. Disable the service if you do not use hot keys for ATI software.


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    Re: What is ATI HotKey Poller Service

    It all depends if you have any Ati video card installed. If you dont have them then you can disable the services, As for manual, it should prompt you, but sometimes you will have to start the service yourself. A lot of my services are set to manual, including the service that lets the iPhone talk to iTunes. Sometimes it will say that it's not running and the service needs to be enabled, so there isn't much of a choice. Other than that cropping up every now and then, I don't have any other problems with manual services.

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    Re: What is ATI HotKey Poller Service

    Under Windows NT4/2000/XP the service registers as the "ATI Hotkey Poller" and further investigation shows that it is related to the handling of various ATI Hotkeys which bring up specific ATI utilities. Not only is this facility useless to 99.99% of users, but there is also no documentation anywhere on those ATI hotkeys !! Additionally some of our more inquisitive users have been able to prove that ATI2EVXX can sometimes be an incredible resource hog using up to 85% of CPU utilization !! Older versions of this background task show up as ATIPOLAB in the Task List.

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