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Thread: How to watch a TV over network

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    How to watch a TV over network

    I am new to this and from my bro's request I bought a tv tuner card and installed it on my computer. Now in the other room my brother has a laptop which is connected on network and he wants to watch tv through my tv card. So can anybody suggest me the setup on how to watch tv on network? Thank you for any help.

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    Re: How to watch a TV over network

    There are many software's that will do the job for you. For example with Slingbox, you can watch up to four audio / video sources. The Slingbox PRO connects up to four audio/video sources. You can choose between your cable box, PVR. satellite receiver or DVD player with just a click of a button. Download it from here.

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    Re: How to watch a TV over network

    You can also try HDHomeRun to watch digital tv over your network.

    • Watch & Record digital TV simultaneously, or record 2 channels
    • Timeshifting – Pause, fast-forward & rewind live TV
    • Twin HD Digital TV tuners – Tuners are automatically allocated to multiple computers (1 computer per tuner)
    • Streams full broadcast resolution, up to 1080i high definition with no degrading in quality
    • Multiple HDHomeRun units can be used together to expand the number of tuners
    • Record hours of digital TV on your hard drive for viewing, archiving & editing
    • Supports free-to-air (DVB-T) digital TV
    • Compatible with Windows XP & Vista MCE, Media Portal, BeyondTV, Sage TV, GBPVR and TotalMedia media center software.
    • Can also be used with MAC computers

    The recommended retail price for the HDHomeRun™ is $299.00 inc.GST and is available at

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    Re: How to watch a TV over network

    Did you also try this software called Orb ( that allows you to transmit video without purchasing Slingbox. Another piece of software is TVersity ( that is similiar. If you are looking @ DirecTV, they have Beta software available that will allow you to watch anything DVR'd over a network in full HD.

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