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Thread: how to Crack someones wep code

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    how to Crack someones wep code

    Hello , i have a windows computer , I wanted to test the security of my Wifi Livebox which was protected by WEP , can you tell how to Crack someones wep code , it is legal to do it or illegal , well first of all i dont want to hack into any other person computer , i just want to hack into my system to test my security and for knowledge purpose only , please tell how can i crack the Wep , please help me thanks in advance

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    Re: how to Crack someones wep code

    Without going into too much detail and the codes to enter, here are the major steps to crack a WEP key:

    1. Download Backtrack v2.0 final distribution . Burn the ISO and boot the live cd.
    2. Detect your wireless interface and select it.
    3. Scann WiFi networks to identify the network you want.
    4. Locate a computer network and to impersonate him by using its address "mac".
    5. Capturing a bit of traffic to retrieve packets.
    6. Stimulate the network to Increment the number of packets in transit. More traffic is great and the decryption key will be easier to get .
    7. The WEP key should be displayed in minutes!

    I have simplified explanations to describe the general approach.

    This tutorial is for educational Purpoese and is only possible if you are the owner of the network or if you have an agreement of its owner.

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    Re: how to Crack someones wep code

    By default, the old Livebox offer WEP. And I know plenty of poor , who are still using Wep here ... well i think they should switch to wpa ,but On the other hand, according to some sources, the WPA would also easily crackable.

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    Re: how to Crack someones wep code

    It is relatively simple if you follow the explanations. as The reliability of a WEP key is appalling. So, no more hesitation is hacking it , but atleast we should switch to wpa , which is much more reliable!

    Step to Configure WPA Wireless Security
    1. Open a Web Browser
    2. In the address bar type
    3. Click on Security in the left hand column under Wireless
    4. Enter your password if any and click Submit
    5. Select WPA-PSK (no server) from the Security Mode section
    6. Enter your Pre-shared Key
    Note: You can mask your Pre-shared Key by selecting Obscure PSK
    7. Click on Apply Changes

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