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Thread: How to enable telnet in Vista

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    How to enable telnet in Vista

    Hi friends,

    I have recently migrated from Windows XP to Windows Vista and it's really good operating system as compared to Windows Xp because it has a very good security level, it's GUI is very good as compared to XP and it has built- in Windows Media player 11 install in it. But i want to use telnet with my system i was not able to sue it, when i asked my friend he told me that we need to enable Telnet in Windows Vista. Does anyone know how to do it.

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    Enable telnet in Vista

    If you really want to enable telnet in Windows Vista then you need to click on start and from there goto Control Panel over here you need to switch to classic view option by clicking on the left side of the window and over there select on Program and features. If you need to turn off this option in that case you need to click on the link which says Turn Windows Features on or off. Now click on that link, and a window should pop up called, "Windows Features." Now scroll down until you find the "Telnet Client" box. Check it and click, "Ok." It will configure the features, and when finished, you will now have telnet. If you followed the steps right, you now have telnet in Windows Vista. Just go to the RUN command, and type in "telnet."

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    Telnet in Windows XP

    Hi friends,

    I am using windows XP as my operating system and i need to access some computers which are connected on LAN, for that only i my friend suggested me to use Telnet option and told me that you can have control over another PC by using DOS prompt. Can anyone provide me some information about Telnet. Thanks in Advance.

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    Enable telnet in Vista

    In that case i would suggest you to check out the below threads which would be very useful for use when you are trying to use Telnet with Windows XP.

    Telnet Basics
    Send email with telnet
    testing connection with telnet

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