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Thread: compaq presario v6000 network card not found

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    compaq presario v6000 network card not found

    I have recently purchased the second hand Compaq presario V6000 It has already built in network card, but it has suddenly started showing some strange things about my networking adapters, I unable to see the wireless adapter in the right hand corner, My wireless network adapter cant be detected by my computer. Please help.

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    Re: compaq presario v6000 network card not found

    I will suggest you some simple steps to follow:

    First : check your wireless button is it on or off .. maybe its damaged ...

    second : Then go to device manager , make sure your wireless driver is not partially installed..

    Third : uninstall your wireless driver and make sure you have the correct model driver ( if u cant know which wireless model you have use EVERST Ultimate ) .. and make a clean install...

    implement this steps on your local machine and check whether it works fine.

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    Re: compaq presario v6000 network card not found

    I also had the same problem with my network card it gives me following error message then i had contacted to the hp support to change the wifi card, they have replace the wifi card, but the replacement took time, but i will suggest you have look at the error message.

    "The network card does not recognize by the internal or external part."

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    Re: compaq presario v6000 network card not found

    Try Booting in Safe Mode with network support... & see if it's OK or not... If it IS OK in Safe Mode, that means that you have a "Driver" conflict to be Control Panel, add new hardware and select to add the NIC. Let the computer search for the drivers on C:\ if the NIC came with the computer when purchased. If it didn't, did you get a CD with the card? According to werebo's link to IBM, the NIC should either be an etherjet or a 3Com. Have you tried downloading the device driver software for the Intel EtherExpress PRO 100B

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    Re: compaq presario v6000 network card not found

    the compaq v6000 made by hp has a well known fault with wireless adaptor going it is actually the motherboard that is at fault hp knew this but instead of doihp should be sued for this garbage
    ng a full product recall they chose to keep selling the faulty machines and extending the warranty but didn't bother really making it very well known to customers the only way you find out is when your machine faults and you look up advice then you find out the machine is a hunk of junk i would suggest throwing it away you can use ethernet but as the machine has a faulty motherboard it won't be long till video goes and then everything

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    Re: compaq presario v6000 network card not found

    I too find the same issue on my laptop. This laptop has some issue with network adapter. It also not detecting the same on my laptop. I had fed up trying to setup the same on the network. At last I am using a usb device to connect the laptop to the network and that is also very slow. I had even had words with the lenovo support but nothing found help there.

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    Re: compaq presario v6000 network card not found


    here goes. I picked up this laptop from my girlfriend. she wasn't using it. and i needed one for a while. barely used v6000. got in 2009. the wireless never worked for a long time. i re did the drivers bit but it still didn't work. One fine day it did.

    deux ex machina i said. and let it be. why fix it if it ain't broke. But that didn't last for long. and the wireless vanished. and why i say vanished, i mean, no trace of the damm hardware on device manager. WTF moment.

    Coupla months later i got another disease. The HP black screen. My comp whirrs and lights go on. but all i get is a blank screen. 20 secs later it switches off and restarts. and does the whole loop.

    I might be a little late, and i guess no one has this model anymore, but from what i understand. HP/compaq are aware of this problem and i am not the only one that has it.

    i found a video on youtube to fix it, and as tempted DIY guy that i am, it is still a farfetched to pull off.

    Here is the video :

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