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Thread: Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M

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    Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M

    My computer is infected with this "Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M" that has decided not to get off from my computer. I am having QuickHeal which says it is unable to remove it. I then tried to stop it from Windows Task Manager but the problem is that it stops for the moment but then reappears with computer restart. Can anyone help me how to remove "Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M" from my computer?

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    Re: Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M

    Download and Save ComboFix on your desktop. Double-click on the ComboFix icon found on your desktop. Now let ComboFix to scan your computer and fix the infection automatically. Simply follow the instruction that it provides. For more and details, refer this guide: How to remove Virus / Malware using ComboFix.

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    Re: Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M

    Use Spybot's Search & Destroy. It detects and removes any kind of spyware from your computer. Spybot-S&D also recently added a new anti-rootkit function. The TeaTimer module can be optionally enabled, providing a level of active, real-time protection from undesirable registry changes.

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    Re: Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M

    Have you tried restoring your computer to a time previous to the occurrence of this problem? Try to do that and see if the infection still persists. If it is still present then Windows repair is the only option left according to me. Otherwise you can even try out some other antivirus software just to make sure if it can be removed from your computer.

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