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Thread: Windows 7 can't connect to network printer

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    Windows 7 can't connect to network printer

    I have a HP printer, i have worked with it by windows xp and vista and had absolutely zero issues. But it seems i can't connect this printer with windows 7. I went to add printer wizard and after going through full wizard it says that can't connect to printer. Whats wrong now with windows 7? am i doing anything wrong?

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    Re: Windows 7 can't connect to network printer

    Have you installed the printer drivers for Windows 7? Althought vista drivers works with windows 7 bit i'm not sure of the xp ones works on windows 7. which one you have installed ? Go to HP suppot site and hunt for the compatible drivers.

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    Re: Windows 7 can't connect to network printer

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    Re: Windows 7 can't connect to network printer

    First to test the printer working with windows 7 or not setup it as a local printer and try to print from it. If successful then setup it as a network printer. Make sure that you have the drivers .

    Have you add the printer with admin account ? Go to the Control Panel -> Printers -> Run As Administrator -> Add Printer.

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