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Thread: How to do reverse IP lookup in Windows XP

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    How to do reverse IP lookup in Windows XP

    Hi, i need some quick help from you all.

    I am working on Windows Xp computer which is connected to the network. And to do a reverse IP lookup for the same computer.

    So what i need her is steps to do the reverse Ip lookup. Please help me soon.Thank you.

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    Re: How to do reverse IP lookup in Windows XP

    Its very simple, you can do it in few simple steps. Here they are, just go through it:-

    • Go to Stat menu and Click on Run, alternatively Press Win +R key on your keyboard.

    • Type CMD in the command prompt and press Enter.

    • Now type nslookup give a space and type your IP address and press Enter.

    • Now just go through the output, you will find the name of the computer in the third line.

    Thats it!!

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    Re: How to do reverse IP lookup in Windows XP

    Hey, thanks for sharing this useful info. I was also in search of this process for my Linus operating system.

    I request you to please make me know how to do the same job for Linux OS . please help.

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    Re: How to do reverse IP lookup in Windows XP

    For doing reverse IP lookup in linux operating system, just open the terminal by right clicking on the desktop.

    Now type host give a space and IP address and press enter. Thats it..

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