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Thread: More packets are sent than received

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    More packets are sent than received

    I have formatted my computer last week and reinstalled Windows Vista because of some un-removal found on my computer. Before formatting my internet was working beautifully without any delay in viewing web pages. But now it started showing me problem and I am unable to rectify the culprit. When I see Windows Task Manager, under Networking tab I can see more packets are sent than received. I am completely stunned with this behavior of my computer and that too after formatting. Is there any one who can solve this problem?

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    Re: More packets are sent than received

    It may be due to some software which is trying to contact its server and update itself so that you don't lack behind from its features. You can try to install some firewall (and if present) and see which applications is consuming the internet. You can even see if possible with Windows Task Manager if it is present over there. If you don't want this to happen for now you can block it from firewall or stop and terminate the process from Windows Task Manager.

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    Re: More packets are sent than received

    Use HijackThis utility to scan your computer. HijackThis opens finds and fix nasty entries on your computer easily. It will scan special parts in the registry and on your hard disk and compare them with the default settings. If there is some abnormality detected on your computer HijackThis will save them into a logfile. Remove the abnormalities detected and you are done.

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    Re: More packets are sent than received

    According to me nothing seems to be infected. This is normal. Generally whenever you visit some websites, your web browser sends a lot of requests to the destination server based on the site design in order to display your results. Thus sometimes the packets that are sent is greater than that of received; also sometime situations arise where the process reverses and more packets are received that sent. Don't worry!

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