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Thread: How to Fix Wireless Connection on Laptop

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    How to Fix Wireless Connection on Laptop

    I have a connection in my portable one, but sometimes the connection is abit under which I want to obtain the repair of one more a connection hard. But when I click in the repair is said incapable to deactivate the network adapter, in spite of having a connection that works and well. How I can solve this problem so that it can repair my connection as it is necessary?

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    Re: How to Fix Wireless Connection on Laptop

    I have outlined some of fast solution of problems to secure that the backup procedures in the Internet in a matter of minutes.

    1. Make Sure of which its equipment is not too much far from your router wireless and has a good signal. When placing the leader of the mouse on the icon of wireless connection, that is in the corner right inferior of the bar of tasks, can review to see if the power of the signal is good. Nothing less than a good intermittent signal can make the connections. SOLUTION: You will have to return to locate his wireless router more near his computer.

    2. If you have a wireless house of 2.4 GHz telephone, to take note, if you lose the connection to Internet when doing or to receive a call. These cellular telephones interfere with routers wireless, since both operate in frequencies of 2.4GHz. If this happens is necessary to extinguish router and it returns to ignite it. This is going to happen from time to time, but not all along. SOLUTION: (1) to update its movable telephone to 5.8GHz, (2) to use a telephone cable or (3) to use a connection to Internet by cable to your router.

    3. If steps 1 and 2 do not solve the connection to Internet, to borrow from a portable friend with a wireless card and to see if its laptop can be connected to Internet. Make Sure to put to its friendly the adjustments of wireless connection to the same configuration that its wireless card is established in. If your friend connects the portable one to Internet, then he can have a bad wireless card. It tries to reshape his wireless card adjustments before leaving to buy an external wireless card.

    4. If your friend the portable computer cannot connect itself to Internet, tries to re initiate router to the predetermined values of factory. To change to the configuration of the wireless card to the same configuration that the predetermined value of factory in the wireless router. If this works him of return in the businesses. If it does not work, or for equipment, the wireless part of router is bad. SOLUTION: To buy a new one to router or to use a connection by cable to one of the ports of router.

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    Re: How to Fix Wireless Connection on Laptop

    There are some similar threads found same that theirs the problem that I have is the connection… Only if the solution to its problem is there…. I hope that it finds its solution….
    Lost wireless network connection on laptop

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    Re: How to Fix Wireless Connection on Laptop

    Thanks, therefore, for fast answer and if I have followed so much the solution that, at the most that and that both are correct, but the first answer was a brief and simple procedure to do it…! Thanks once again…!

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