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Thread: Host my new website from my home PC

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    Host my new website from my home PC

    Hello Guys,

    I would like to have a domain sometime.So in the meantime I need some explanations regarding the same.Can I run my website from my pc? I heard a lot about server is overloaded with traffic and also proxy servers and third party servers meant for security purposes.Also about WAMP and wampserver and I have tried it.I found wamp server's mysql part to be easier than the traditional mysql.Will it make sense to use WAMP?

    thanks goes for any help.

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    Re: Host my new website from my home PC

    You mentioned you tried WAMP, As far as my concerned I did not used yet, but may I would tell there are certain reason that you need to host a site, is it a hobby to see if it can be accomplish, there some host that are cheap and better and really not worth the hassle, also you will have to power on all the time etc , and per year will be more expensive than a host...

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    Re: Host my new website from my home PC

    You Requires either a static IP address or make use of a dynamic DNS service just as ChangeIP or DynDNS.A dynamic DNS service sets the DNS cache expire time to be very short. So, if your IP changes, they can update the routing.A home PC can work fine as a server. Google's search cluster is built from cheap commodity PCs. The biggest issue hosting from home is, bandwidth. Most broadband ISP's severely cap the upload limit.I ran my site from my living room for the first 2 years it was up. I picked up hosting when I shifted.I highly recommend that you use linux if you're going to run a server. Security issues with windows can be a nightmare.

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    Re: Host my new website from my home PC

    I tell You can, but you really don't need to, unless it is a low-volume hobby site, or just a test to demonstrate a site under development to a customer.Sever overload is not the issue. Any computer made nowadyas is unlikely to become overloaded given the bandwidth limitations on the typical home Internet connection.Most home broadband connections have limited outbound bandwidth. In most cases, it is insufficient for running a website. And it is cheaper to host at a data center than to buy the additional bandwidth.

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