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Thread: What is ANIWZCS2 Service?

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    What is ANIWZCS2 Service?

    Hello to everyone helping here, I have XP pro, and in every startup XP give me following error messge:

    ANIWZCS2 service launcher has encounter a problem and needs to closed.
    send the error report.
    What this means? Whats wrong in XP? Please help, Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: What is ANIWZCS2 Service?

    ANIWZCS2 is a process belonging to the Dynamic Link Library ANIWZCS program. Its from your wireless D-Link router, ANIWZCS2 is part of the DLink Airplus G utility installed for the DWL-G122 USB Wireless adaptor.

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    Re: What is ANIWZCS2 Service?

    ANIWZCS2 The process is related to D-Link wireless hardware. If you have installed D-Link hardware, including a wireless card, this is probably the source of the error message. I could not find much information about this error when the research question on the Internet, but it seems that the updated drivers are available that can solve the problem. Visit D-Link ( and download the latest drivers for your wireless hardware. Then uninstall the drivers that are currently installed, along with the software associated with the current wireless settings, and then install the latest drivers you downloaded. Hopefully this should solve the problem.

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    Re: What is ANIWZCS2 Service?

    Those are utilities so if you do not want them you can safely remove them first! Remove the router software, then reinstall. and you can also do re-installing your D-Link software through the O/S find hardware wizard. Windows will find the drivers only on your D-Link CD and install them for you. You will definitely need to have the D-link service enabled on startup.

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