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Thread: Linksys WCG200 default username password

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    Linksys WCG200 default username password

    I am having a Linksys WCG200 Wireless-G router. I would like to portforward it so that I can host CSS. But the problem is that I don't know the username and password of my router. I've tried various combination but none of them worked. Is there anyone who can provide me Linksys WCG200 default username and password?

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    Re: Linksys WCG200 default username password

    If you have forgotten your Linksys WCG200 router password, it is better to reset your router to the factory default settings. Look at the back of the router and see if you can find out a small RED reset button. Press it for 20 - 30 seconds and then try to access it via your browser using the IP as When asked for username and password, leave the username as blank and enter the password as admin. Now reconfigure your router for your ISP settings and then for port forwarding.

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    Re: Linksys WCG200 default username password

    I too had this problem once but I was able to solve this and get everything working using trial and error method. The default password for any Linksys router is always “admin”. However the username changes everytime. I do not remember which router is having what username but however you can try out either using "admin" or "<blank>".

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    Re: Linksys WCG200 default username password

    By default the username is blank, and the password is admin. To setup port forwarding on Linksys WCG200 router, your computer needs to have a static ip address. For port forwarding, open the Linksys web utility on your web browser. When asked for login, enter the username and password. Now follow the below steps:
    1. Click the Security link.
    2. Click on Disable Firewall Protection radio button.
    3. Click the Save Settings button.
    4. Click the Applications & Gaming link.
    5. Click Port Range Forward.
    6. Enter the ports that you want to use into the Port Range Forward menu.
    7. Click Save Settings

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