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Thread: How to make HDMI Cables

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    How to make HDMI Cables

    Somebody has calculated the number of conductors and then get. it consists of a cable HDMI? It is possible to be found connectors HDMI that you can finish?

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    Re: How to make HDMI Cables

    I must run of a cable, from my PCH TV. Is a spare part of 3/4; pipe of PVC, hidden behind my wall. But as they know the connectors are too ample. Therefore, after a search I have found east cable and the connectors separately.

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    Re: How to make HDMI Cables

    The cable is a mess, four armored braid of 100 ohms and seven pairs of several conductors. There are connectors available, but generally only in great amounts from Chinese sources, and there is available for them no backshells - all the houses of meeting in the mold. All the connectors that I have seen only are the weld, and the meeting points are very small. That I know, nobody sells actualization-HDMI crude suitable cable in the US, nor to anybody at the moment to construct to cable HDMI assemblies finished here. Thus, whereas it is possible to do, he is not very practitioner, mainly in a unique base of do-it-yourself work.

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    Re: How to make HDMI Cables

    I have found some similar threads for HDMI Cable & i have posted its link down here.... I hope this is what you were looking for so i think you must just have a look at those link & see if you find out the solution over there....!

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