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Thread: Where to find Public DNS servers

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    Where to find Public DNS servers

    I am looking for some Public DNS servers available for my business purpose. I am in the network where the dns server is not properly configured and every time I have to wait a long period of time during my work. This irritates me a lot. Is there any free Public DNS servers that I can use?

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    Re: Where to find Public DNS servers

    You can google for this and get a lot of free Public DNS servers which you can use to configure your internet in order to resolve hostnames. I found one while googling, set your DNS server settings on your computer to Don't worry it is free and you will not find any difficulty using it.

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    Re: Where to find Public DNS servers

    According to wikipedia, the Domain Name System (DNS) is maintained by a distributed database system, which uses the client-server model. The nodes of this database are the name servers. DNS servers are responsible for resolving user-friendly domain names (like into computer-friendly IP addresses (such as Public DNS servers are DNS servers that respond to just about anyone.

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    Re: Where to find Public DNS servers

    Public DNS is nothing but a service provided by a company where users are given a primary and secondary DNS. This services are provided free of charge. Public DNS may result in good solution for you in some situations. The main purpose of a DNS server is to allow people and applications to view the records in DNS tables. A public DNS servers are called public because they were misconfigured by their system administrators. So it is better not to use them for business purposes.

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