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Thread: Anti virus 360 damaged Malwarebytes

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    Anti virus 360 damaged Malwarebytes

    Hello everybody,

    I am putting this for my friend.His "Antivirus 200x" called Antivirus 360 according to the data on the BP removal instructions, it tells all that is wanted is Malwarebytes,so installed MB on my buddies computer to remove Antivirus 2009. Now he's got Antivirus 360, and when he opened MB to update it, it wouldn't load.he also have a client with AV360 tried installing the latest version of MB directly from my flash drive, which normally runs fine, but it wont install the program.I can have some major blind spots, but I haven't seen any reference to this problem. Do I need to go into the Registry and remove keys and listed entries first?any thoughts in this regards ?

    any ideas must be brilliant..!!!

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    Re: Anti virus 360 damaged Malwarebytes

    You know what antivirus 360 is a scam. it blocks your internet and it loads those warnings in order to interfere you into buying the program.You can kill this by using guide from know some anti virus programs like Norton has no ability to recognize this infection since it is dedicated to deal with viruses and antivirus3610 thing is different type of computer infection. you can install antispyware to save your computer from threats like antivirus 360.

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    Re: Anti virus 360 damaged Malwarebytes

    Some infections are capable of corrupting applications like MBAM and other security tools.try to rename and install it if it showing reluctance to install. May be you can alter the .exe extension to .bat, .com, .pif, or .scr and then double-click on it to run.If after installation, MBAM will not run, open the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware folder in Program Files, right-click on mbam.exe and change the .exe as noted above. Then double-click on it to run.

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    Re: Anti virus 360 damaged Malwarebytes

    When my computer disturbed by some craps i did probe on my device manager to unleash the hidden files. under non-plug and play devices check if you have a TDSSserv.sys entry.those that came with TDSS are the ones that disables antivirus/antispyware software to run. if you find a TDSSserv.sys entry you could proceed with the removal instructions for that you scan with your antivirus/antispyware application

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