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Thread: How to get Norton to allow a program

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    How to get Norton to allow a program

    I have installed Norton Internet security last week to get more secure of the Trojans. Its nice but many times while surfing on internet,it just keeps blocking the program as it thinks that it is dangerous.

    Some times Norton Internet Security gives a prompt that has recommended option to block the access where i must have to access. In such cases how can i get Norton to allow the program ? Please help me.

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    Re: How to get Norton to allow a program

    You have to go into Nortons firewall and configure the settings.You'll need to access your security program's help files to find out how to manually configure settings to allow individual programs to run unhindered.

    Anyways, try these steps first:-
    • Open Norton 360
    • Click Settings
    • Click Firewall Protection
    • Under Program Rules tab
    • change the access of your programs to allow.

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    Re: How to get Norton to allow a program

    First of all make sure you haven't clicked on Block Traffic in the Norton Internet Security settings. If it is not marked and still blocking the access than go to System and Settings and click on Configure. Go to Programs and scroll down the list for Manual Program Control.

    From the drop down list select Permit All. Thats it.!!

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    Re: How to get Norton to allow a program

    Something that is rarely cited is that the hardware firewalls greatly superior to software firewalls and most modern protection of the hardware firewall of the router that offer no user intervention required. If you have a router, check your make and model to see if it offers the protection of the hardware firewall.

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