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Thread: Optimum page file size for windows server 2003

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    Optimum page file size for windows server 2003


    I would like to know the optimum page file size for windows server 2003.Is it really vital to increase the page file size to match as ram hikes. It used to be the case that MS recommended 1*RAM for page file size, but is it really necessary to have an 8GB page file on a server with 8GB RAM, would this not place an extra load on the disks and waste a lot of disk space.

    any ideas??

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    Re: Optimum page file size for windows server 2003

    You know what the Memory pages input/sec 10(if more put page file on separate drive), greater than 60, use multi disc page file.Paging File\\% Usage No greater than 70 percent Paging File\\% Usage Peak No more than 70 percent.Essentially, this implies you should aim for page file usage well below 70 percent. If % usage figure is very small, you are wasting hard disk space.

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    Re: Optimum page file size for windows server 2003

    I am not interested to turning the page file off fully Individual applications may still want to use it occasionally because they have their own address/space limitations, independent of the OS.. It's necessary for the apps plus i/o's along with dumps if your system BSOD's.So even if you have way more memory than you are using, a given application could still need to page something occasionally.It's true that with a lot of RAM, you can go a long long time and may even never need it. But just in case: 512MB won't hurt anything, and you've covered all the bases.

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    Re: Optimum page file size for windows server 2003

    I always in the side of installing more memory than using virtual memory as it is much slower for CPU to access virtual memory than RAM. Put 1.5 times of the physical RAM for the initial size and 2.5 to 3 times of physical RAM for maximum size.Personally I was under the impression that 2.5 GB was the max beyond it could be a crap..

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