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Thread: Static Routing(my brain is melting)

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    idea Static Routing(my brain is melting)

    Hi I have a weird network that i like cuz its complex. I need to allow routing between to clients on diff networks. Yes another static route question. I've been reading and I'm still confused.

    netgear: 1.1 --- server: 1.2
    | |
    | |
    | Linksys: 1.4 --- PC: 1.201 / PC: 1.202
    | 1.200 mask 192
    Linksys: 1.3 --- PC: 1.131
    1.131 mask 128

    PC 1.131 and PC 1.202 need to lpay games. I know the setup is weird and unneeded but Like learning with it and making use of extra equipment, plus the wireless distances its easy to have them on diff wireless routers.

    Both Linksys routes are in Gateway and are Static.
    Is there a way to route them while leaving on NAT and

    I know, I know: Theres an easier way...
    I like learning complex.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Static Routing(my brain is melting)

    In my understanding you will need a cisco router to enable this kind of static routing. I don't think it is possible to configure such a route in linksys or netgear's simple broadband routers. You will need cisco core networking router.

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    Re: Static Routing(my brain is melting)

    I think your need to do port forwarding on one of your router:
    1. Open your browser.
    2. Type your router's IP address (usually
    3. Type the username blank and password admin .
    4. Click the Security link on top of the page.
    5. Uncheck the "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" check box and save the settings.
    6. Select the Applications & Gaming link on top of the page.
    7. Enter ports to be forwarded, choose the protocol, choose the address
    8. Click Enable and then Save.

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    question Re: Static Routing(my brain is melting)

    Iv'e turned off the fire wall and still no go. I have to do research, but yea it may be too much for home routers. But it doesnt seem like it would be hard. net comes to me-to a router-to two routers on diff nets. Im confussed if i put some route in the tables of both linksys what is the gateways and destinations. to allow 2way communication

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