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Thread: How to set up 2wire wireless router

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    How to set up 2wire wireless router

    I got a modem / router 2WIRE 2701 and I am well used only as a router as I already have a modem Airtel. I connect my modem to Airtel 2WIRE and I also connect a computer to 2WIRE internet and works very well on this computer. However, when I try to access my wireless connection with my laptop, the 2WIRE is always looking to establish a connection by itself with its own modem and the modem does not use external Airtel. Is anyone know How to set up 2wire wireless router

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    Re: How to set up 2wire wireless router

    How to set up 2wire wireless router

    1. First, you must find your WAN (wide-area-network) connection. This is the connection to the Internet, and you must connect this cable to your modem. The modem should have a site that indicates that "WAN" or "Internet" on it - the main outlet to the Internet connection in the cable.
    2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the modem. This is not permanent, but you need to set up the wireless network. Open a Web browser, type the IP address of the modem (usually something like 192 168 .. 1. 1), and the connection with the username and password. This information should be provided in the operations manual of the router - all routers are different, it is beyond the scope of this article to describe each situation.
    3. Once you are in the wireless modem, you must enable certain security settings. The first step is to encrypt network traffic. Each screen in the modem must have an entry "Network Encryption" button (or something like that). There are three main types of encryption: WEP and WPA have been cracked, while WPA-II (at the time of this writing) is secure. If your modem is new, you should be able to encrypt with WPA-II. Define a secure password by following the advice in the article linked in the Resources section.
    4. Change the SSID (network name) to something other than the default, when the networks have the default SSID is an open door for hackers because it is assumed that security is low.
    5. You can use the MAC address filtering, but it is difficult to establish if you have not done before. Follow manufacturer's instructions to set up MAC address filtering.
    6. Exit the setup screen and your wireless modem is configured. Enjoy the freedom that brings wireless Internet.

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    Re: How to set up 2wire wireless router

    with ADSL you can not plug a modem Airtel on the exit of a 2WIRE the best thing you can do to those who c Airtel uses is to call your home and provide you with a wireless modem router avrc and start playing or you subscribe chell Bell internet and you will receive a 2WIRE

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