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Thread: How to get a better ping

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    How to get a better ping

    Hi all,
    I have DSL broadband connection. I play online games. Some games need high speed internet. And they lag so much that i sometimes i can't even see whats happening. Is there any way i can get better ping and less lags?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to get a better ping

    Ping depends upon the distance, server usage and many other things that you cannot control. Games lags because of uploading speed. When your uploading speed is more then your character in game will react faster than others. You can test your connection speed at Its better to go for high speed internet if you want to play lag free games.

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    Re: How to get a better ping

    Contact your internet service provider if you want to test your lines. It may be a problem in your area that you are getting slow speed. It is totally depend on the lines and the connection points that you are using. Only your service provider can check and correct it. There can be many other reasons for lagging. Check if there are any programs running in the background of your system.

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    Re: How to get a better ping

    Which service provider? Survey any other service provider and get new connection. Try this:
    • Go to Control Panel
    • Double click on Modems
    • Go to Properties
    • Click on Advanced
    • Untick the error flow control box while playing

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