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Thread: Unable to connect to the login server maplestory

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    Unable to connect to the login server maplestory

    Hi friends,

    My friend is facing some issue normally we both play MS together but from the last update which he has made we are no longer to connect to each other. Whenever he try to connect me he is getting an error message as unable to connect to the login server maplestory help and i cannot have remote assistance for the same. Can anyone help me out with this issue ?

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    Maplestory Unable to connect to Login server

    If you are getting this message then you need first checkout that does your server is on or not it might happen that your Server is down and at that time you are trying to login. At the same time same sure you don't have any programs which is being used for cheats because it might think that you are trying to hack. If everything is working fine then try to redownload it once again and this time you would be able to login without any message.

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    Unable to connect to the login server maplestory

    Thanks fro replying me i have try to follow the above things but still getting same message don't know what would be the issue. When i try to update it at that time some settings has being changed automatically and for more information i am having Norton Internet Security install on my system.

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    Unable to connect to the login server maplestory

    I was also having similar type of issue you are getting this message because while updating it might happen that automatic internet settings is being set ON that's why your are not able to login in in that case you need to follow the below steps:-
    1. Open Norton Internet Security.

    2. Then click on Personal Firewallbutton which is at the side, then click on Configure which will allow you to get to your firewall settings.

    3. Now go to "Programs" tab over here you can check off "Automatic Program Control".

    4. Next time whenever you open MS, Norton will ask you if it should permit MS to connect to the internet.

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