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Thread: How to activate Wireless USB adapter

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    How to activate Wireless USB adapter

    I am configuring my Linksys WUSB54G Wireless USB Adapter. I have entered the correct SSID and WEP key. I had kept IP to obtain automatically. But when I click Activate, it fails. What could be the problem over here? Is there some other thing that I need to configure? How to activate a Wireless USB adapter? Please help!

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    Re: How to activate Wireless USB adapter

    Is the adapter shown in Device Manager properly? It seems to be the driver for the card is not installed on your computer. Try to reinstall the drivers and see if this helps. It may occur if you have entered wrong encryption key. Please check it once again.

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    Re: How to activate Wireless USB adapter

    There are number of possibilities:

    Are you using the drivers from the CD that came with the Linksys WUSB54G adapter?
    Is Wireless Zero Configuration feature enabled on your Windows?
    Is it like you can get wireless signal but no connectivity?
    Is your router configured properly to send packets to your wireless adapter?

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    Re: How to activate Wireless USB adapter

    Are you using laptop or desktop computer? Because if you are on laptop then recheck if the wireless switch, generally on the front of the laptop, is turned ON. Many a times people just forget to switch ON this button to get the wireless connection. Also there are possibilities of your USB port is malfunctioning or missing some drivers.

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