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Thread: Launchmodem not working

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    Launchmodem not working

    I am using bellsouth high speed internet. I want to create a new connection but i cannot establish new connection as launchmodem not working. How to fix it? Anyone?

    Thank you for any reply.

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    Re: Launchmodem not working

    Launchmodem is a program for your modem when your model is not working properly. Unplug your modem or router and wait for few minutes. Plug it back again and try browsing.

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    Re: Launchmodem not working

    Launchmodem is a DNS route for your modem. There must be something wrong with your IP configuration. Type ipconfig in command prompt to view your gateway address. You can login from your Bellsouth modem. Check that the PC is connect to the modem directly.

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    Re: Launchmodem not working

    First check the Advanced TCPIP Properties DNS tab for your NIC for any DNS suffix entry containing In cmd command prompt put ipconfig /all and check any preference for launchmodem. Try as modems address.

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