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Thread: How to remove annoying CiD pop-up

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    How to remove annoying CiD pop-up

    I had visited a site recently and downloaded a freeware flash game. The problem here is that after that there are unlimited advertisement pop ups. I am not able to stop. They comes up whenever I connect to internet and consumes my internet speed. Even after closing them more comes up. how to stop this annoying pop ups. Please help.

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    Re: How to remove annoying CiD pop-up

    CiD is a irritating spyware. The function of this thing is to divert advertisement to your screen. Anti virus cannot remove this spyware. The best option to get rid of such spyware is to use and good anti-spyware. At you should have more than one anti-spyware in your computer. Normally there are thousands of anti-spyware programs on the internet to download. Get anyone and run it in safe mode.

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    Re: How to remove annoying CiD pop-up

    Your system is affected with spywares. Do this first update your anti virus. Then disconnect your internet connection. Disable system restore service on a temporary basis. Get anti malware byte and install it. Then restart you computer in safe mode. Now run a full system scan and deleted all the infected files. Also remove the latest installed applications.

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    Re: How to remove annoying CiD pop-up

    The CiD is by installed in your system without your knowledge and diverting the pop ups to your system. Go to Start and click on control panel. Then click on add/remove programs and look for CiD help. If you found it then remove it. Restart your pc and then see the pop ups will no longer come up. But if you could not found the file then get Malwarebytes Anti Malware. Install it and run the tool in safe mode. It will delete the spyware.

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