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Thread: epson wireless printer setup

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    epson wireless printer setup

    I have recently bought a new Epson TX800FW wireless printer. If you connect it via usb it works pretty fine, however I want to know a way to connect it wirelessly, so can anyone tell me how to setup epson wireless printer? Thank you

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    Re: epson wireless printer setup

    You printer has got the right WPA/WEP key entered for the wireless access? Unless the printer can access the wifi network, non of the computers will be able to. Generally wireless printers need to be connected to a pc via ethernet (wired cable) for initial setup. The printer needs to be first configured for connection method (which will be wireless).

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    Re: epson wireless printer setup

    Does the printer have an RJ45 network card interface? If not, then you would need to find a network-attached print server that has a USB interface to connect to your printer. Like this. Not a recommendation, just an example.

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