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Thread: Repeater vs Router

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    Repeater vs Router

    What are the main differences among these 2 devices. The Reason i am Asking This Because I have two routers that has different firmware and hardware version, so I Was Thinking is it possible to use my either router as a repeater? Thanks.

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    Re: Repeater vs Router

    If the real need is to interconnect two networks between them, I do not think you will need find integrated product. However, you can put on the public side of an AP in client mode (check model because all do not offer this feature) and include a Wi-Fi router and If you turn off the DHCP on it and set it up as only a hub , then you should be able to be able to use your router as repeater

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    Re: Repeater vs Router

    The repeater allows you to exceed the maximum length of the standard of a network by amplifying and regenerating the electrical signal.As a first step, I advise you to learn more about WDS mode. Then, look in the admin interface of your rouer ,if you find this option. then At first, I think that yes you can do WDS but I have never tested this

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    Re: Repeater vs Router

    Unfortunately these home routers cannot do what you want them do , the problem is that router can't talk to another router wirelessly. That requires a wireless bridge which is designed to handle the two way traffic. , try tweaking the wireless settings on the router... logon to router's setup page and try changing wireless channel to 11, click on the advanced wireless settings and try reducing beacon interval to 50, fragmentation and RTS threshold to 2304....also try upgrading latest firmware on the router..

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