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Ping "Request Timed Out"

Networking & Security

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Old 22-07-2009
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Ping "Request Timed Out"

From few hours ago i can't ping to any of the site or any address 192. something. whenever i ping 192. anything i get request timed out. When i do ping/ tracert and all i get is "request timed out" for any site i type in. Can someone explain what all this means, and how to fix it? Thanks for any help.

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Old 22-07-2009
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Re: Ping "Request Timed Out"

Which firewall you are using, if like me Norton then make sure that firewall(Norton) is not blocking anything and windows firewall is OFF. Have you tried to ping the local host or ? First go into device manager and check the NIC to make sure its working ok.
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Old 22-07-2009
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Re: Ping "Request Timed Out"

Refer to following threads:

Ping resolves host ip but Request timed out?
Cannot ping with IPv6

And also refer to this Microsoft help Guide: You receive a "Request timed out" error message when you use the Ping.exe command-line utility to verify network connectivity between Windows Server 2003-based NLB servers

Hope this will help. Good luck
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Old 23-07-2009
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Re: Ping "Request Timed Out"

The Request Timed Out error message is very common when you use the ping command. If you have normal connection and if you have your firewall turned on and/or behind a router of some sort, you are probably ok there too as that will block ping requests. Essentially, this error message indicates that your host did not receive the ping message back from the destination device within the designated time period. In some rare cases, it can also indicate that there is so much congestion on the network that timely delivery of the ping message could not be completed.
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