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Thread: How to setup a Sharepoint site

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    How to setup a Sharepoint site

    When you create a SharePoint site, it helps you to understand where your site is in the hierarchy. The below are the three SharePoint concepts:
    • Top-level Web site: This is the default top-level site provided by a Web server. To open the top-level Web site, you provide the URL of the server (for example, http://myservername) without specifying a page name or subsite. Administrators go to this site to change settings for the entire site collection.
    • Subsite: A complete Web site stored in a named subdirectory of the top-level Web site. Each subsite can have administration, authoring, and browsing permissions that are independent from the top-level Web site and other subsites. A subsite can also have subsites of its own. Because every site below the top-level site is actually a subsite, each subsite is generally called simply a site. To open a subsite, you provide the subsites name along with the URL of the server (for example, http://myservername/subsitename).
    • Site collection: A set of Web sites on a Web server, all of which have the same owner and share administration settings. Each site collection contains exactly one top-level Web site, and can also contain one or more subsites. There can be multiple site collections on each Web server.

    How to setup a Sharepoint site

    To create a SharePoint site, you must be a member of a site group that has the Create Subsites permission. This permission is included by default in the Full Control permission level.
    • Click on the "File" menu, choose "New", and then click "Web Site".
    • In the "Specify the location of the new Web site" box, type the location where you want to create the new site, including a name for the site.
    • In the leftmost pane, click the category of template that you want to create.
    • In the center pane, click the template that you want to use to create your site.
    • If you want to add the new site to the current site, select the "Add to current Web site" check box.
    • If you want to use encrypted connections, select the "Use Encrypted Connection (SSL)" check box.
    • Click "OK".

    How to use SharePoint Designer to configure unique permissions for the subsite
    1. Start SharePoint Designer, and then open the subsite.
    2. Click Site, point to Administration, and then click Permissions.
    3. On the Permissions Administration page, click Change permissions.
    4. Click Use unique permissions for this Web site, and then click Submit.
    5. Click Administration.
    6. On the Web site Administration for "Your_Web_Site" page, click Manage Users in the Users and Roles area.
    7. Grant users permissions to access the subsite. To do this, follow these steps:
      • Click Add a User.
      • In the User area, create a new account. Or, add an existing user account.
      • In the User Role area, select a role for the user who you are adding, and then click Add User.
      • Repeat steps 7a through 7c for each user to whom you want to grant permissions to access the restricted-access subsite.
    8. Click Administration to return to the Administration page, and then click Change anonymous access settings.
    9. On the Change anonymous access settings page, click Off, and then click Submit.

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    Re: How to setup a Sharepoint site

    Site columns are used in SharePoint as metadata on documents. The scope of a site column, that is, the availability of a site column on SharePoint sites, depends on the SharePoint site you create the site column on. To create a SharePoint site column:

    1. In SharePoint, determine the top-most site on which you want to create the site column, and go to that SharePoint site.
    2. On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings.
    3. On the Site Settings page under Galleries, click Site columns.
    4. On the Site Column Gallery page, click Create.
    5. On the New Site Column page, enter a Name and select a Type for the site column.
    6. On the New Site Column page, select Custom Columns from the Existing group drop-down list box.
    7. On the New Site Column page, select or enter any other information you require for the site column, and click OK.

    Source: documentmanagementworkflowinfo

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