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Thread: McAfee Anitivrus vs Windows Defender

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    McAfee Anitivrus vs Windows Defender

    I am using windows vista in my laptop. Now I had purchased a wireless broadband connection for the laptop. I had not installed any antivirus in my laptop. Because I had enabled Windows Defender. In scanning it does not shows any threats. So here I am going to go online now. I have a single user pack of McAfee. I want to know which one is better. Should I go with windows defender or install McAfee antivirus. Which is the most powerful among them which can protect my system from online threats. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: McAfee Anitivrus vs Windows Defender

    Windows Defender is an anti-spyware tool. It is suitable for offline work. But if you are going online then I will recommend you to install McAfee. Because windows defender cannot to protect your system form online threat. It will be much better if McAfee is an Internet Security. Defender is good but it does not gives protection to an advance level. Better install the antivirus and keep it upto date.

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    Re: McAfee Anitivrus vs Windows Defender

    You can go with Window Defender. It helps you to protect your computer against unwanted pop-ups, slow performance and critical system threats. This threats are caused by spy ware and malicious software's. Defender detects those software and remove them. It actually an antispyware. It is equipped with schedule scanning and on demand scanning. It also improves internet browsing safety by blocking spyware. By regular update it protect you against the latest threats and infections.

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    Re: McAfee Anitivrus vs Windows Defender

    McAfee is an powerful anitivirus. If you have the free version then go with Defender. But the official copy of McAfee is enough powerful to protect your system from regular threats. It has many options and features which gives you the best security options. The antivirus has received VB100% award. The Internet Security version of McAfee Antivirus is much more effective for the online users.

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