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Thread: uninstalling nod32 antivirus 4

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    uninstalling nod32 antivirus 4

    Need help with uninstalling ESET nod32 antivius 4.0.

    When i start windows xp. it suddenly said that my anti-virus is outdated. when i try to update it. it has error. and i was trying to uninstall. but it said error code. then i use perfect uninstall(a program) to uninstall it. when i restart my comp. and i want to del ESET folder and it said "Error deleting, cannot delete erknUpdate: Access is denied". need help here

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    Re: uninstalling nod32 antivirus 4

    Check out this thread on How to completely uninstall nod32? I hope this helps.

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    Re: uninstalling nod32 antivirus 4

    Have you searched for some tools to remove nod32 antivirus online on net? You can also see this guide made on uninstalling antivirus and firewalls.

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