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Thread: How to enable ip routing

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    How to enable ip routing

    As i'm ruining the ipconfig /all command and it shows the Ip routing is not enable.

    IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
    How can i enable it?

    Thanks for help, and i'm using windows xp.

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    Re: How to enable ip routing

    Enabling IP Routing

    By default, IP routing is disabled. To enable IP routing, you must allow the computer to forward IP packets it receives. This requires a change to the Windows system registry. When you enable the Routing and Remote Access service for IP routing, this registry entry is made automatically.
    • Start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
    • In Registry Editor, locate the following registry key:
    • Set the following registry value:
      Value Name: IPEnableRouter
      Value type: REG_DWORD
      Value Data: 1
      A value of 1 enables TCP/IP forwarding for all network connections that are installed and used by this computer.
    • Quit Registry Editor.

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    Re: How to enable ip routing

    Refer to following threads:

    IP Routing
    Show and Display IP Routing Table in Windows or Linux

    Hope this will help.
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    Re: How to enable ip routing

    What about adding a static route in your routing table? Here is how you can try. First in command prompt type "route print", that will show your interfaces and all routes in you routing table. To add a persistent route, which is one that doesn't disappear after a reboot, type "route -p add 2" If that doesn't work you may have to add an IF at the end of the command along with the interface number for the destination address (ex. IF 2). The 2 would be the number for your destination address ( NIC), you can find the number by typing "route print". Help for the command is "route /?" All commands should be used without quotes.

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