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Thread: 2wire network key

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    2wire network key

    Hello , Freinds Can you Tell me how Can Find my 2 wire Network key , i Have Forgot the Network Key for my 2wire Router/modem,(i am Always confused regarding this please help and tell me How can i find the key , Thanks in advance

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    Re: 2wire network key

    2Wire uses WEP as the encryption method to ensure that strangers can connect to the wireless network.

    Locate the key to 10 digits located below the 2Wire modem and is in square brackets (eg [xxxxxxxxxx]).

    Note this key to 10 digits, exactly as it appears.

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    Re: 2wire network key

    In most cases the default wireless settings are sufficient for normal home use. The WEP or Network key Location ,

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    Re: 2wire network key

    To find your WEP key, you go into your WiFi access point and the tab to the security of wifi, and you find your key. A WEP key is 64 or 128 characters depending on the configuration ... some Routers such as those from 2Wire, have a default network key already set in them, this key can be found on a label on the bottom of the router that is usually marked WEP and will have a 10 digit number

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