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Thread: Vista blocking random websites

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    Vista blocking random websites

    Some days - not all of them - Vista blocks my own websites, that I have built from scratch that I know have no spyware, malware, or anything elseware. Makes it a little hard to work when I cannot even tell if my sites are up, let alone get to them. Then other days - no problem. This also happens with other sites. And it is just random. Why would be blocked, its about alternative vehicles? And the next day, it isn't blocked. I get a message that the connection was interrupted, even when I have other tabs open on other sites. This is really starting to drive me crazy. I've turned off just about all the security measures, since they block everything but EVERYTHING online. I'm an adult. I am admin on my own computer. Please Vista, let me make my own decisions? And stop blocking perfectly innocuous sites! What else can I turn off? Besides the computer? I just have to give up some days and decide - well, no work gets done today because my computer is protecting me from my own websites.


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    Re: Vista blocking random websites

    Make sure you logged from Administrative account. check the Deice Manager for any yellow flags. also another reason can be DNS records .Check that DNS records were updated recently and not have transmit to you . Go to start > run > type cmd > run ipconfig /flushdns in command window . Also try repairing your connection that will also help you to update the DNS servers .

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