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Thread: Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

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    Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

    I configured a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain for a client,
    in a peer-peer network, with a Linksys Router providing
    DHCP services, including both IP and DNS links to their external DNS

    the server is configured using Active Directory. In the DNS Settings done forwarding to the two external DNS servers that the switch provides. In
    TCP/IP settings,put the server a fixed IP address, entered as the single DNS Server, the IP that I assigned to the server itself, but it's not display anything in the internet, the DNS is got some issue. but when I set the server up to get IP and DNS from the Linksys DHCP server, everything works fine, but, of course, I can't make it that way if it's going to serve as a server.

    Any thoughts guys?
    Thanks for reading me...

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    Re: Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

    If they don't have a fixed IP address and need to host,so you might try this evaluate which addressing and naming scheme .allow Connection to the Linksys router and set it to have a fixed IP address after disabling the DHCP server internally. It then present itself to the outside as a DHCP client, and get an address from the
    ISP. now set up the Windows 2003 for both DHCP and DNS servers.put 2003 server a fixed IP address,Configure the Linksys router IP address as the Default gateway address in
    2003 server. also you need to make the addresses of the two outside DNS servers to resolve addresses which cannot be resolved by the internal DNS server
    good luck for you

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    Re: Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

    i think you just try to set your DNS server to forward . Set the forwarder IP to the IP Cop DNS server.and obviously you must have a DNS server to run AD, but make sure it have no a registered domain name configure your firewall to block all incoming DNS requests.
    best of you..

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    Re: Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

    did you check in getting a static ip address? usually for a little extra your isp will provide can have your own IP address though it solely depends on your internet service provider

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    Re: Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

    Ok I was a bit confused with the "peer-peer" terminology you used. I'm assuming you're using it to mean, what most just call a LAN. Anyway, first off if you've configured the Win2k3 server as a domain controller (kinda impossible to have a domain without one), I'd also let it handle DHCP & WINS, in addition to DNS. Start by installing the necessary Windows components thru Add/Remove Programs. Next, its highly recommended (possibly even required) to utilize static addressing for all DC's (domain controllers). Therefore, go ahead and pick a subnet to use (192.168.0.x is good for small LAN's) and stick with it. It's also a good idea to setup the Linksys router at this point. Change its IP address to something like, subnet mask: Also, turn off it's internal DHCP server, since you don't want it trying make assignment once the Win2k3's DHCP is up.

    Now onto the Win2k3 machine--start by assigning it the following TCP/IP settings: IP Address:, Subnet mask:, Default gateway: (router's IP), Pri. DNS:, Sec. DNS: <leave blank>. In Advanced-->WINS tab, make sure the one and only entry is . For the DHCP service to work properly, you'll need to ensure it's "Authorized" and has only one address scope encompassing the 192.168.0.x range. I'd also add an exclusion range from to effectively reserves this block for manual assignment. Now look under Scope Options. You should ensure the following are added: #003 (Router) =, #006 (DNS Servers) =, #044 (WINS Server) =, finally leave all of the other entries as-is. Moving on to DNS... Rt-click your server name, then Properties. Do the following: First, ensure all forwarders are removed--don't worry, it'll work by allowing your server to handle its own name resolution using root-hints (if you don't know what that mean, it's not really important). Second, make sure the "Disable recursion..." option is NOT checked! Last, make sure "Secure cache against pollution" IS checked. Click apply. At this point you can goto the Monitoring Tab and try testing things. If it passes both tests that a good sign.

    Hopefully, this will get things working (or at least get you off in the right direction). Good luck!

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    Re: Setting up DNS Server for Active Directory

    I also tried setting up DNS server using the method given above but had very confusion and also has the same point to be noted as sHaDoW85, i followed your way as well and solved the issue to the great extent, still has little problem but that is from my end, your suggestion was really helpful, Thanks

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