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Thread: Run 2 dsl modems on the same phone line?

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    Run 2 dsl modems on the same phone line?

    Is that possible to run two dsl modem through one telephone line? I know only one ip address is provided by ISP but can i connect two modem over one ip through one telephone line. Can i get a step by step instruction on how to do it?

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    Re: Run 2 dsl modems on the same phone line?

    If you use two different ISPs then it is possible to connect two modem > ISP provides ip address for each modem and ip address can not be shared between two different devices (modem).

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    Re: Run 2 dsl modems on the same phone line?

    You could install NIC's in each computer and set up internet sharing on the one connected to the dsl modem. The best answer to this is to have a router with two dsl connections often called Dual Wan. That is the only way you can share the connection.

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    Re: Run 2 dsl modems on the same phone line?

    There are some products that can combine the bandwidth. One Modem on one line can support two different PPP sessions each from a separate ISP.Unfortunately, to get faster combined speeds, you would need equipment on both ends of the line. You just need to buy more bandwidth from your ISP.

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