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Thread: How to remove Toshiba hdd password

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    How to remove Toshiba hdd password

    I'm having a Toshiba laptop, on which i had installed Windows Xp as my operating system. I had assign a password option, so that no one ca access ny system. It prompts me for password whenever i try to access my laptop. Now, it really irritates me a lot to keep on entering the password on my system. So, can any body tell me that how do i remove Toshiba hdd password? Can any body tell me that how can i do it? Kindly provide me the correct solution to get rid of the above issue. Any kind of help on the above issue would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to remove Toshiba hdd password

    I think you need to go in to your "BIOS SETUP", and there you can to set or delete or change your HDD User Password. You need to just do the changes in your BIOS settings. That's it and your HDD password would be cleared up.

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    Re: How to remove Toshiba hdd password

    I don't think that after activating the HDD password, you can change or remove the password because the password is written in a special part of your hdd. Anyway the Toshiba Password Utility is only for Supervisor and User password configuration and not for the HDD password.

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    Re: How to remove Toshiba hdd password

    Follow the below steps mention.

    1. First of all open your BIOS setup menu.
    2. Then you need to go down to the HDD password option.
    3. Then you need to type your current HDD password and then need to press the Enter key.
    4. Now press Enter twice at the requests for the new password and confirm new password.
    5. Then you need to press END and Y, that's it and your job is done. Now you had cleared the Toshiba hdd paasword.

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