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Thread: Flicker Worm

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    Flicker Worm

    I am a Windows XP user. I think my PC is infected by the flicker worm as i can not see the yellow explanation boxes that pop ups when move the mouse over any icons. Do you guys also think is it flicker worm? If yes how can i stop it ? Please help.

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    Re: Flicker Worm

    Yes, it may be the cause of the flicker worm. The best protection against this isto have running and updated should honestly run a scan on your computer with your anti-virus software once every few days. Or Keep your files and data backed up.Keep XP Updated.And make sure you know how to reinstall XP, and have the required CDs.

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    Re: Flicker Worm

    Most probably IMHO culprit running in the background may be the cause for that as well. Anyways, check out some anti-malware programs to make sure you have no worms or trojans on the system. Also keep update your version of Windows and have a firewall on. The worm spreads Conficker mostly on networks. If it finds a vulnerable computer, set the automatic backup service, deletes previous restore points, useless many security, blocking access to some security websites and opens infected machines for additional programs from the creator of malware too. The worm then tries to other computers on the same network to spread.

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    Re: Flicker Worm

    Flicker Worm gets into a computer by itself, and without you having to click on anything.Turning off your computer will prevent any damage but you can't use it either.An actual scheme to protect is an array of tools, techniques and updates that help prevent damages.Conficker, also known as the Downadup worm, tries to take advantage of a problem with Windows called MS08-067 to quietly install itself.

    Users automatically receive updates from Microsoft are already protected against this. The worm also tries to spread through shared folders on networks and copying devices such as USB memory sticks to infect.

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