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Thread: Norton go back (118) problems with Windows

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    Norton go back (118) problems with Windows

    My computer will not startup with the past a screen that displays <Norton GoBack (error 118)>. I get a screen with four options the first of which is to "Unhook GoBack" --and on top of that computer is not accepting any input (in other words I cannot select any of the options on the screen). What was that problem if anyone has any idea why this occurring please let me know.

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    Re: Norton go back (118) problems with Windows

    I would suggest you to connect your hard drive to another computer and save your data and then format and reinstall windows. I use Acronis true image its ok but the only problem is you have to keep making backups periodically on external data / or your hard disk partition, you can only go back to a time of which you had a previous back up, if you forget to do an incremental backup for a long time and your computer wont start.

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    Re: Norton go back (118) problems with Windows

    Another option is to use FDISK /MBR command after booting from Win98 or DOS bootdisk. This will remove the GoBack entry from MBR of the drive. Or else rather than going through the usual uninstall process, I click on the GoBack tray icon and select Advanced Features. This brings up a menu of full history recorded by GoBack. Scroll thru the list until you where you installed the program you don't want, then highlight a Safe Point prior to that event. Now click the Revert Drive button at the bottom of the window. Your computer will reboot and you are back to where you were before the installation.

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    Re: Norton go back (118) problems with Windows

    If you are unable to boot into Windows, use the Norton GoBack bootable disk to boot the computer and unhook GoBack. Refer to the following knowledge Base article for download link of GoBack Bootable ISO image and detailed steps:

    The command to unhook GoBack is gb_prog.exe /u

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