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Thread: Winlogon.exe virus keeps coming

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    Winlogon.exe virus keeps coming

    hello every one
    My computer is installed Windows Xp service pack2, but recently it got effected with a virus and keep on getting an error Winlogon.exe..but anti virus was not able to deny its menace so i went for a format.done thrice, but to no avail keep getting a virus that prevents me working with since it tends to freeze as soon as i logged anti virus AVg 8 free edition

    any help should be appreciated.........

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    Re: Winlogon.exe virus keeps coming

    all right it's the disability of your anti virus to heal the virus..
    may be you can use some good anti virus...because in free anti virus which will not work with some strong install a good anti virus and update it's data base and
    run a full system scan and see any thing happen
    i prefer kaspersky or norton for you but the first one is really rocks from my personal experince....

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    Re: Winlogon.exe virus keeps coming formatted your machine 3 times...
    and keep getting the same thing..
    I meant to ask you that what kind of format you done full system format?
    or the drive which contains the operating seems your virus is infected on your other drives also, so better do a full system format after back up the files note after format, install a good anti virus application then transfer the file after scanning..
    good luck......

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    Re: Winlogon.exe virus keeps coming

    If you often uses any particular website..
    may be that causes your computer
    to infect after fresh installation ..i would recommend you install a good internet security anti virus go for one more format...and do what i told...
    good for you

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