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Thread: bearshare won't connect

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    bearshare won't connect

    One of my client needed a help with his problem that he cannot connect to bearshare. He said in the office it works fine on the laptop But on the desktop is not working. does anyone here can find out what the problem is about....???

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    Re: bearshare won't connect

    It might be your router blocking at firewall for bearshare. Also check the below solution might work.

    1. Right Click on icon.
    2. Then to properties and click on compatibility mode.
    3. I disabled the desktop composition & will made my program run on Windows XP compability mode.
    4. Run the program as administator.

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    Re: bearshare won't connect

    If you dial-up if I some programs wont connection rapidly want bareshare and Shareaza by the manner are VAT by the way your bareshare have heard much of spyware i. Also note each must become on another poort, so that downloads and uploads work reliably. Each router can be established, so that entering movement can be sent directly to the correct computer.

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